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Not long ago, a linguist was working in Afghanistan.

He noticed a British soldier with all sorts of Thai language learning materials spread all over his desk.

"Why are you studying Thai?", asked the linguist.

"Because my wife is Thai, and I want to speak her language," the soldier replied.

"Cool!" the linguist said.

But he was thinking about how difficult it is to learn a new language, especially an exotic one like Thai, from such a potpourri of paper and digital books, CDs, DVDs, MP3s, and dictionaries, spread out all over a desk!

There must be a better way for the student.

Why can't this hodge podge be compiled into one cohesive body of interactive audio and visual language data, easily navigated on an electronic platform?

The student needs to concentrate on studying the language, not shuffling materials.

Language Lighthouse is a solution to this problem. Also we present interesting subject matter.

Language Lighthouse will prepare the materials for the student, so the student can spend his or her time learning the language, not guessing or searching for pronunciations or meanings or contexts.

Language Lighthouse will present the various layers of language data needed by the student for efficient and effective learning.

  1. Clickable audio, repeatable as many times as the student desires
  2. Printed text of the target language
  3. Word for word matching in the student's language
  4. A natural translation in the student's language

The student needs all four layers. Language Lighthouse provides these for you.

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